Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

 Young Professionals Network

The continued success of our movement depends on preparing today’s young people to take on the leadership challenges of tomorrow. Pennsylvania Credit Union Association’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) is a new statewide initiative to focus on this important population.

A core group of young professionals from around the state volunteered to work with Association staff in the initial planning stages. As the network grows, so will the opportunities for collaboration and strengthening of the movement.

The mission of YPN is to engage young professionals in the future of the credit union movement through career development training and education, networking, community service and outreach, and political advocacy.

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  • Develop and retain young professionals in the credit union movement through a variety of educational opportunities
  • Create opportunities for collaboration
  • Encourage network members to engage in their communities
  • Promote the philosophy of People Helping People®
  • Provide a voice for young professionals in the movement
  • Share with others what young professionals are doing in Pennsylvania

  • Ages 18-35 suggested range (but credit union CEO/designee can request waiver)
  • Employed or a volunteer of a member credit union
    • Minimum of 90 days’ experience with credit union
  • Application required, including approval by credit union CEO (or designee)
  • No cost to be part of the network; education event costs will vary

  • Career Training & Education Opportunities
    • Judge/Bradley Leadership School
    • Webinars
    • Self-paced materials
    • In-person meetings at regional and state level
  • Community Outreach/Community service projects
    • Encourage local Chapter participation
    • Encourage/enable participation with PACUF events such as Reality Fairs, Junior Achievement
    • Local charitable events and/or events sponsored by the employee’s credit union
  • Government affairs/Advocacy
    • Encourage grassroots efforts
    • Encourage participation in Chapter advocacy efforts
  • Networking and publicity
    • Virtual community on the PCUA website; after website redesign, summer 2013
    • Local “meet-ups”  - informal, casual
    • Encourage members to share information through social media, submitting articles for PCUA publications, and similar efforts
  • Leadership and collaboration opportunities as part of other activities
  • Advisory Council (currently a core group of volunteers; we plan to formalize the structure within 12 months)
    • Determine educational events/webinars, speakers, community service projects etc.



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