Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

PCUA Initiatives

REAL Solutions®

REAL Solutions® is a nationwide initiative to help people build financially strong, self-supporting families and communities by offering innovative services and programs that offer affordable alternatives to high-cost financial products and services, reduce dependency on predatory financial providers, increase financial literacy, improve personal financial management, encourage saving and wealth building, build creditworthiness, provide an avenue to personal financial stability, and improve the financial and economic well-being of Pennsylvania communities.

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iBelong Advocacy/Marketing Campaign

Recognizing an overall lack of credit union awareness and a decrease in membership growth, the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association has launched an 18-month credit union awareness campaign. Funded through a mandatory assessment for all member credit union, beginning in 2007, the statewide $2.25 million dollar campaign will feature television advertising, radio and other new media opportunities in all media markets across Pennsylvania. Click here to learn more.



Credit Union Better Choice Program


The Need for a Better Choice - Better Choice is a program developed by the Association to position credit unions as a solution to the growing problem of payday lending practices.

The Better Choice program is supported by a joint effort between the Association, the Pennsylvania Treasury Department, and the Pennsylvania Department of Banking. These organizations have a strong interest in helping low and moderate income Pennsylvanians manage their finances and meet their financial needs without resorting to high-cost products such as payday loans. Click here to learn more.



The CU$ ATM Selective Surcharge Alliance allows participating credit union members to access participating credit union ATMs without incurring a surcharge from the ATM owner.



find a credit union

In partnership with the California Credit Union League, the Association is offering FREE of charge to member credit unions a national database known as Find a Credit Union (formerly CU MatchUp).  This locator is a web-based service that matches consumer with credit unions they may be eligible to join. Take this important step toward the future growth and success of credit unions throughout our nation. The more credit unions that participate, the more chances that a potential member will find a credit union. Click here to learn more.


Project ZIP Code

Project Zip Code is a constituent matching program that connects credit union members with their state and federal representatives without compromising the security of your member data. Click here to learn more.



Youth Activities

Youth Marketing - Reaching out to youth is important as it represents the future of the credit union. A successful program requires that the board and management make a commitment to using some staff time and resources to get more young members on board.

Youth Ambassador Contest - The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association (PCUA) developed the Credit Union Youth Ambassador of Pennsylvania Contest in 1976 to help young people learn about the history, philosophy, and operation of credit unions. Participants gain experience in meeting and interacting with other people, and public speaking — skills that bring career opportunities. After a quarter century, the contest is still opening doors to credit union careers.  Click here to learn more.