Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

Mississippi Licenses iBelong Campaign from PCUA

10/6/2008 HARRISBURG – The Mississippi Credit Union Association (MSCUA) has signed a licensing agreement to air the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association’s (PCUA) iBelong campaign in Mississippi.

Recognizing the lack of credit union awareness by Missippians, the MSCUA sought to conduct a statewide advertising campaign.  The cooperative awareness campaign concept was introduced at MSCUA’s Annual Convention and a Cooperative Awareness Campaign Committee was formed to spearhead development efforts.  After reviewing several other state campaigns and deliberating a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, the committee determined licensing PCUA’s iBelong campaign would save time, energy, and dollars to most effectively meet Mississippi’s goal of increased awareness.

“The consistent iBelong campaign messages of ‘credit unions are for everyone,’ ‘better rates and fees,’ and ‘credit unions care’ will increase awareness of credit unions and the credit union difference in Mississippi,” said Charles Elliott, MSCUA President/CEO.  “We feel this is an initiative our credit unions can get excited about and support.”

“We are extremely pleased that the Mississippi Credit Union Association has selected the iBelong campaign,” stated Jim McCormack, PCUA President/CEO. “A great deal of research went into developing the iBelong campaign by our steering committee and outside experts. Its message is timeless and engaging, regardless of locale,” said McCormack.

The iBelong campaign launched on TV and radio stations throughout Pennsylvania in July 2006 and was licensed by the Illinois Credit Union League in 2008.  Consumers seeking to join a credit union are invited to visit the Web site for online search locators.  The Web site contains the commercials and credit union facts are also featured.

The MSCUA Board of Directors approved an association contribution of $100,000 to help license and launch the campaign.  Credit unions will be asked to contribute $1 per member in Mississippi for additional funding.  One-hundred percent of credit union contributions will be utilized for advertising placement.  At this level, the committee will be able to fund a television and radio campaign that will span most of 2009. 

“With 100% participation from our membership, we can begin to change the way Mississippi consumers think about credit unions and assist them in finding one to belong,” said Elliott. 

As an incentive, credit unions contributing will have access to supplemental marketing materials that compliment the commercials, allowing credit unions to “piggy back” on the campaign’s momentum.  Participants will also have a listing in the iBelong Web site’s credit union search locator tools. Under the licensing agreement, MSCUA will utilize the existing iBelong Web site ( as one of the key drivers and primary measurement tools for the campaign.