Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

CardWizard Program

Allow members the ability to elect their PIN or instant issue their card right away!

You’ve just approved a member’s request for a debit or credit card. Now all the member has to do is wait…and wait…and wait…for their new card to arrive in the mail.

But with the Card Wizard Issuance Program…the wait is over. They can leave your office with their new card in hand.

DataCard Card Wizard Issuance Program has partnered with the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association to offer their innovative instant card issuance program and PIN selection software to Association members.




CardWizard Options

With CardWizard, members can select their PIN at the time that they open their account. Research has shown that members greatly prefer selecting their own PIN, and are more likely to use the service.

The CardWizard Solution

With CardWizard, members can select their PIN at the time that they open their account. Research has shown that members greatly prefer selecting their own PIN, and are more likely to use the service.

In addition, members can have a card repined (changing an existing PIN) at their credit union office at any time.

Another option is for credit unions to have the ability to issue plastic immediately after a member opens an account at a credit union office. This option is called “instant issue”. With instant issue, members will receive their new card the same day that they open an account. Depending on the type of card issued, members can use their debit card, credit card, gift card, or payroll card as soon as they leave the credit union office.

Instant issue technology results in better member service, increased card revenue, and lower issuance costs than mailing new plastics to your members. According to published statistics from Visa and MasterCard, as much as 41 percent of debit/credit cards mailed to consumers are not activated and/or used by a cardholder. By issuing cards instantly, members are more likely to use your cards. Studies have shown that instant issue cards result in more sales of card-related products and services; increased usage rates; increased revenue; and lower card production costs.

Instant issue provides your credit union with a competitive advantage over financial institutions that issue cards through the mail. Members are sure to appreciate the convenience of receiving their debit or credit card immediately. Instant issue also allows the quick reissue of any lost, stolen or damaged card. By personally handing a member their card, your credit union greatly decreases the risks associated with mailing a debit or credit card to your members.

Network Configurations

CardWizard can be installed either as a stand-alone system on a single PC or in a network environment with multiple PCs sharing a single card machine.

For multiple location configurations, CardWizard’s Enterprise Edition makes installation and management of your card issuance environment easy by providing centralized reporting, security, key injection, and network administration. In addition, multiple card machines can be used anywhere within the network allowing for unlimited configuration possibilities.

CardWizard instant issue software provides an easy and secure method to instantly issue and re-PIN any debit or credit card. User-friendly administration allows for full reporting, card inventory management, monitoring and security features that are required for instant issue of cards. All transmissions are secured by utilizing both private and public DES/3DES encryptions.

Security Features

Instead of dropping fully encoded plastics in the mail, credit unions store blank card stock in a branch vault. Which is more secure?

CardWizard regulates and controls all activities pertaining to card production and system usage. Financial keys are securely stored in an encrypted file within the CardWizard PC or in an external, tamper-resistant device. Access to various CardWizard functions is restricted to authorized users. User access and activities within CardWizard are recorded for management reporting purposes.

CardWizard complies 100 percent with Visa’s instant issue security standards.

Reporting Features

CardWizard produces a variety of reports that can be viewed or printed. Reports can be selected for individual users/branches or for all users/branches. Reports can be retained for an established period of time for auditing purposes.

About DataCard Group

DataCard made secure, high-volume issuance of credit cards possible more than 40 years ago when it introduced the first high-speed personalization system.  Today, we continue to develop patented technologies that help cusomers improve productivity, profitability and cardholder satisfaction.

Building on a 40-year heritage of customer success, DataCard remains the industry's best selling brand of secure ID and card personalization solutions.  Every day, these solutions are used to personalize and deliver more than 10 million cards and five million smart cards, including more than 90 percent of the world's payment cards.



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