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Raddon Financial - Market Area Analysis

More than 1,000 financial institutions nationwide depend on Raddon Financial Group (RFG) to capitalize on their full market potential. RFG provides actionable research-based solutions to assist credit unions grow balances and acquire new members.

RFG’s Market Area Analysis will assess your growth opportunities by evaluating existing or potential market areas. RFG will conduct a study of your member base and trade areas, as defined by the credit union. The study is designed to assist you with strategic planning and your growth/expansion process.

The benefits of RGF’s Market Area Analysis include:

  • The ability to evaluate deposit and loan growth potential by a region or branch;
  • The ability to prioritize target markets;
  • Identify new member and new balance growth strategies; and
  • Identify actionable tactics and branch distribution opportunities.


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  • December 15, 2012
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Integration Is Key

RFG integrates your credit union’s member database with findings from our national consumer research to give your credit union a unique perspective on your local market. Using a proven demographic-based segmentation scheme that is designed specifically for financial institutions, RFG will recommend specific targets for product sales, balance growth, and new member growth.

RFG’s Market Area Analysis provides credit unions with the following:

  • Industry Overview
  • Market Area Trends
  • Market Area Penetration
  • Sales Potential by Product
  • One-on-One Results Presentation

RFG will determine the growth potential your credit union and most importantly “how” it can achieve this growth, through the geographic analysis, product usage, and delivery channel ussage.

Geographic Analysis

You define the market areas and RFG will rank them by sales potential for deposits, loans, and investments. RFG will evaluate your current penetration of the market area and assess your sales potential by branch or region. RFG will define the consumer segment composition in each market area so you can prioritize target marketing and delivery channel options.

Product Usage

RFG will provide a comprehensive analysis of current and future product usage for consumers that reside in each market area. RFG will quantify your sales potential by retail banking products (e.g., checking; savings; CDs; mortgages; home equity products, and auto loans) and investment products (e.g., mutual funds, IRAs, stocks, bonds, etc.) among members and non-members.

Delivery Channel Usage

RFG will provide a comprehensive analysis of current delivery channel usage for the consumers that reside in each market area. You will then be able to evaluate the importance of branch, ATM, drive-up, online banking, etc. to the consumer segments within each market area.

Reporting Deliverables

Reporting for the Market Area Analysis includes:

  • Methodology – an overview of the data sources used to compile the Market Area Analysis.
  • Industry Trends – evaluates the current consumer demand for financial services.
  • Market Area Trends – shows the five-year growth forecast for the market area, as well as the demographic composition of consumers within the market.
  • Segmentation – analyzes sales opportunities by RFG’s Consumer Segments showing deposit, loan, and investment potential by segment.

Reporting Presentation

A customized Web conference presents the results of RFG’s Market Area Analysis is included at no additional charge. An on-site presentation to your board or management team is also available for a nominal fee.

Targeted Prospect Lists

Upon request, RFG will prepare segmented prospect lists for your credit union showing those prospects to target to reduce your overall acquisition costs.


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