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Strategic Planning

The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association offers Credit Union Development services designed to help credit unions not only grow, but prosper.

Strategic Planning

The ever-changing financial marketplace requires credit union directors and management to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan which clearly defines the mission of the credit union, establishes realistic goals and objectives consistent with member needs.  

Strategic Planning serves a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Presents a forum for credit union staff and volunteers to share their unique viewpoints  
  • Establishes realistic short and long-term goals with defined implementation  timelines
  • Provides a base from which progress can be measured and change initiated
  • Ensures the most effective use of credit union resources by focusing on key priorities
  • Is a consensus builder – teaming volunteers and staff with a common vision
  • Educates volunteers and staff allowing them to make better decisions in the future
  • Demonstrates preparedness to the Regulator
  • Solves major problems

The Strategic Planning Process includes financial and peer analysis and is facilitated in one work day.  The process can be customized to meet the specific needs of a credit union.

Rick MyxterSmaller credit unions, those with less than $10 million in assets, have the option to choose an abbreviated strategic plan that focuses on the development and implementation of a specific marketing strategy. If so desired, those credit unions may obtain a grant from the Pennsylvania Credit Union Foundation to fund this type of planning assistance.

For additional information, please contact Rick Myxter, AVP Credit Union Services, at 800-932-0661, ext. 5214.



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