Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

Correspondent Credit Card Program

What is a Correspondent Credit Card Program?

A Correspondent Credit Card Program through the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association is designed to allow mid-sized and larger credit unions to take advantage of an effective credit card program that maximizes their income potential.

By participating in this program, you can serve your members’ needs for a credit card, as well as earn interest, interchange, and fee income for your credit union. Today, your members can choose from among many different types of credit cards. Why not have them choose yours!

Advantages to a Correspondent Credit Card Program

A Correspondent Credit Card program offers credit unions several advantages:

  • You will set and retain 100% of your interest income and interchange income along with any annual, overlimit, late, cash advance, or NSF fee income
  • You will approve all credit applications
  • You will set each individual credit limit
  • You will receive daily settlements through your Corporate
  • Your credit union name and logo will be on your plastic
  • Your credit union name will be on your cardholder statements
  • Credit unions have the option to add value-added enhancements to their program, such as cash back or bonus points rewards, household and relationship rewards options and discount programs.  In addition, convenient member benefits, such as online access, bill-pay options, letter/statement checks and Credit Life and Disability Insurance are also available through this program
  • Platinum Credit Card Program
  • Visa Business Credit Card and Home Equity Line of Credit Card programs available

Credit Union Responsibilities

  • Establish a policy for your credit card program
  • Set the interest rate, as well as any annual, late, overlimit, cash advance, or NSF fee
  • Market the credit card program
  • Approve credit applications, individual credit limits, and collection activities
  • Obtain the necessary bonding insurance for fraud losses (CUMIS)
  • Prepare adverse action notices if credit is denied
  • Issue a minimum of 250 cards
  • Attend operational training classes
  • Input data to open and maintain cardholder information
  • Monitor Lost/Stolen card reports

Card Services Responsibilities

  • Complete implementation of your credit card program
  • Provide training for credit union personnel regarding internal operations and implementation of your program
  • Provide toll-free assistance to answer all credit union questions
  • Provide toll-free assistance to answer all cardholder questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Provide updated information on operational issues, as well as any new enhancements
  • Provide complete chargeback handling, 24-hour security/fraud handling, generic plastics, monthly member statements and plastic issuance
  • Provide lockbox payment processing
  • Online access for report delivery
  • Provide daily accounting summary sheets

Program Implementation

The implementation process to start issuing credit cards is approximately 120 days from the date that Card Services receives all signed documentation.

Implementation & Membership Costs

Fees are required to implement the Correspondent program.

Monthly Account Fees

  • Monthly servicing fees are determined by the number of accounts and transaction activity– your Association Account Representative will provide you with detailed pricing
  • Pass through for Optional Services and Enhancements (Special Cards, Statement Messages, Insurance, LetterChecks, ScoreCard rewards)
  • Report delivery at cost

Distribution of Income

The credit union retains 100% of the cardholder’s interest and interchange income, along with any annual, overlimit, late, or cash advance fee.

Your Association Representative will be happy to provide you with a detailed income estimate based on your current membership.


For more information or to get started, please contact your Association Representative at 800-932-0661, or e-mail
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