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As a member of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association (PCUA) and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), there are many member services that are available to you.  Click here for a Checklist, so you can make the most our of your membership!



Offered free of charge to our members, your credit union has unlimited access to CUAnalyzer.  This invaluable resource, powered by Callahan & Associates, provides access to national peer data that can be customized and drilled down to any level; reports then easily created, downloaded and shared as necessary.  Contact your Association Account Executive for login credentials.  Click here for CUAnalyzer.

Business Partners

View of list of business partners to help you better serve your members and their needs.
Click here to view our business partner list.

PA Credit Union Web Sites

View and connect to the Pennsylvania credit unions that are online.  Click here.

Pennsylvania Profile

Distributed quarterly, this publication provides our members with exclusive statistical and economic reports on the latest market trends using data from a variety of resources, including NCUA.  This report compares credit union data on a state and national level, by asset size, and as a five-year trend analysis.  Click here.

White Papers

A collection of reports known as White Papers have been researched and compiled by PCUA/PSI staff for the benefit of and use by all PCUA member credit unions.  These papers are designed to provide insight into topics affecting all credit unions.  Click here.

Voter ID  Law

What you need to know about the Voter ID Law.  Click here.

Resource Links

Quick links at your fingertips for governmental / regulatory resources, forms, etc.
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