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Identifying new opportunities through member research

Raddon Financial Group’s CEO Member Survey gathers member research data that provides CEOs with an understanding of business development opportunities within the credit union’s current field of membership.

Members of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association may participate in the CEO Member Survey at special member pricing.

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The CEO Member Survey

Because the research is conducted on a group basis, credit unions benefit from benchmark comparisons to other credit unions. Raddon Financial Group (RFG) conducts over 250 surveys annually, so participants are able to better gauge their performance relative to similar credit unions that are also participating in the survey. This allows credit unions to use specific groups as a basis of comparison, such as asset size, field of membership, geography, etc.

Credit unions receive a percentile rank for each attribute based upon how well they performed relative to other credit unions in the study. RFG’s unique expertise in the financial services industry allows RFG to help credit unions benchmark themselves against the largest member database available today.
Many credit unions participate in the CEO Member Survey annually in order to better evaluate trends in their performance and gain up-to-date member feedback.

Raddon Financial Group provides three additional research programs as a subset of the CEO Member Survey program: The Service Quality Survey, Share of Wallet Survey, and the eResearch Survey. Each type of survey feature shorter questionnaires that allow a credit union to focus on a very specific area of interest.

The Service Quality Survey

The Service Quality Survey addresses how members rate your credit union’s service and identifies competitive concerns. Credit unions may wish to conduct the survey over a period of time to identify trends within service quality.

The objectives of the survey are:

  • Identify the types of service quality improvement in priority order.
  • Identify relative importance of service attributes to your members.
  • Examine service quality ratings by frequency of branch visits.
  • Determine the demographic profile of your member base.
  • Provide an effective member segmentation scheme.
  • Create service quality metrics based upon member recommendations.


The Share of Wallet Survey

The Share of Wallet Survey measures how much of your members’ business is at your credit union.

The survey is designed to identify your credit union’s sales potential by product line, as well as provide insight regarding any reason your members may not consider your credit union for future business.

The objectives of the Share of Wallet Survey are:

  • Assess your credit union’s current share of wallet.
  • Determine the level of loyalty and potential within your member base.
  • Identify why some high potential households may not plan to bring future business to your credit union.
  • Determine the “value” of being your members’ Primary Financial Institution (PFI).
  • Quantify unique drivers of sales potential in the next 12 months.


eResearch Survey

As the name would imply, eResearch Survey helps credit unions improve their services with a fast, flexible, and customizable Web survey. By asking your online members for their input, credit unions can better allocate dollars to provide the products, services and information your members really want.

Custom Research Services

In addition to the CEO Member Survey program, Custom Research Services are also available. Credit unions may discuss their research objectives with RFG to design custom survey instruments for meaningful and reliable results.


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