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John M. Floyd (JMFA)
Consulting Services

Business Strategies and Planning

JMFA’s experienced team provides credit unions with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement best practices and strategies designed to strengthen governing principles; develop knowledgeable, effective leaders; and create a healthy work environment. As a result, innovation, motivation and teamwork lead to enviable results. Consulting services includes:

Strategic Planning
As the marketplace changes, credit unions must make sure they have the right people, products and procedures in place to be successful. This planning process examines existing practices in order to uncover new opportunities that may have been overlooked. It also assists in formulating specific steps that will enable an institution to deliver better results and greater value for its members.

Corporate Governance

A high-performing organization begins with the development and implementation of best practices in the board room. JMFA consultants guide institution leadership through the process of how to establish and maintain the principles and procedures that reflect a successful institution.

Succession Planning

Maintaining quality leadership is also essential to long-term success. This rigorous process establishes a well-thought-out plan –that involves both internal staff and executive search resources – to uncover the perfect candidate to fit important high-level positions every time.

Organizational Health
Transforming a good organization into a great one begins with a cooperative culture, collective commitment and a strong sense of accountability. JMFA works closely with organization leadership to develop and implement an action plan to uncover any obstacles that might get in the way of performance and suggest proven strategies for getting staff and processes on track to excellence.

Ultimately our aim is to help institutions create an environment where innovation, motivation, collaboration, problem-solving and successful strategy implementation become the standards rather than the exception.

Leading the industry

For more than 35 years, JMFA has successfully delivered effective profitability enhancement services to more than 2,200 financial institutions across the nation. With JMFA, credit unions reach their goals faster with strategies that accelerate growth, lower expenses, streamline processes and make the most of human capital.

Results that help you grow

JMFA helps credit unions reach their full potential of your from every angle.  They can assist with short- and long-term goals that enable credit unions to improve competitiveness, member services and ultimately experience growth. 

For more information or to get started, please contact your Association Representative at 800-932-0661, or e-mail CUSolutions@pcua.orgClick here for a FREE, no-obligation Overdraft Privilege Analysis.



For more information or to get started, please contact your Association Representative at 800-932-0661, or e-mail
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