Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

CO-OP Fast Branch Kiosk

Be Where Your Members Are

CO-OP Fast Branch kiosks deliver everything that members expect at your teller window … except waiting for a teller. You can install a Fast Branch wherever your members are - at the airport, the grocery store, a workplace or SEG location - even  your own lobby!

Fast Branch is a quick, convenient “do-it-yourself” kiosk that blends modern check imaging technology with an easy-to-use touch screen. Members can make check and cash deposits without envelopes or deposit slips, make cash or check withdrawals, make loan payments by cash and check, get loan advances in cash or check, and more!

Fast Branch offers members a broad array of services, including:
  • Access to any account available for shared branching transactions
  • Check and cash deposits without envelopes or deposit slips
  • Members receive scanned images of checks on receipts
  • Cash and check withdrawals
  • Loan payments by cash and check
  • Loan advances in cash and check
  • Account transfers
  • Balance and recent history inquiries
And look at what CO-OP Fast Branch can do for your credit union:
  • Decrease deposit-taking costs by as much as 50%
  • Eliminate daily check sweeps and courier service
  • Get immediate credit for deposits with streamlined image exchange
  • Reduce teller lines at the branch
  • Reduce fraud with envelope-free deposits
Join the growing number of credit unions installing Fast Branch at a high-traffic branch or remote location.

For more information on CO-OP Fast Branch, contact Sandy Shenk,
PaCUSC State Coordinator at 800-932-0661 x 5267.