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Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Plan


Sprint Discount Plan Overview

Help Members Save Big

Give your members big savings on their wireless service and equipment through the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Plan.  Thanks to an agreement between the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association and CUcorp, your credit union members can take advantage of this exclusive discount.

Not only can your members save on wireless services, but participating credit unions will receive a marketing incentive based on program revenue.

By signing up for the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Plan, participating credit unions can receive 15 percent off their monthly wireless plans, plus get substantial discounts on equipment and accessories.  Credit unions, their employees and members can all take advantage of this discount program.  Members can enjoy 10 percent off their monthly plans in addition to discounts on equipment and accessories as well.  All members have to do to get the discount is mention that they're a credit union member, even if their credit union isn't participating in the program.  To date, more than one million credit union members have saved over $74 Million through the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Plan.

Participation and Order Form

The Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Plan is now available to your credit union. Credit unions may participate in the program by completing a Sprint Participation & Order Form.


If your members are already enjoying the savings from this Invest In America program, we want to make sure they can continue to do so.  Periodically, Sprint needs credit union participants to verify their membership eligibility so they can continue to receive the discount and waived activation fees.  If new members are planning on signing up for the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount, they will need to verify their eligibility as well.

New Sprint Customers:  Need to verify membership within 30 days of activation.

Current Sprint Customers:  Need to provide proof of discount eligibility (credit union membership) when they upgrade devices if it has been 20 or more months since they were last validated.

The verification process is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete.




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