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Target Media - Media Buying Services 

Take advantage of Target Media’s Strategic Buying power, Research and Planning.

Targeting your message is the key to achieving maximum ROI. But how can your marketing be more effective, deliver your message, and break through the clutter in today’s advertising environment? Target Media can show you how. Target Media is proud to be the preferred provider for media buying services for the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association and each of its’ member Credit Unions.

Media Placement Capabilities

Based on your goals and objectives, Target Media develops a comprehensive analysis for each market and media vehicle in the mix. Their software, Media Director Series©, identifies the most cost-effective media to use and develops schedules that maximize the reach and frequency of your advertising message.

Media Director Series©

Media Director Series© provides reach, frequency and cost effective analysis for TV, radio, outdoor, print and all other audited media. The results are then integrated into a Multi-Media Analysis to demonstrate the campaign’s overall effectiveness.

Target Media can tell you how many of your target audience your overall campaign is reaching and how often. This approach eliminates the guesswork and wasted spending. Target Media will help your credit union maximize its’ ROI, increasing efficiencies by as much as 20%-30%.

Promotions and Added Value

Target Media leverages all of your credit union’s media buys in order to negotiate added value and promotional opportunities. With this added value, we are able to increase the delivery of a single station by as much as 20-30%.


Target Media prides itself on meeting your credit union’s needs, by developing effective and innovative media strategies and plans. Your credit union’s media plan will be based on the best resources and most comprehensive tools available today.

Internet Consulting Services

Most media buying services only buy radio and TV. Target Media specializes in all media, including inserts, direct mail, marriage mail (Advo), and Internet. Target Media’s Internet services include Strategy & Consulting, Application Development, Site Design, Usability Analysis & Testing, along with e-marketing and Web Multi-Media.

Getting Started

Target Media’s media research is a key component in developing strategies for your advertising campaign. The software provides media analysis and planning capabilities that no other agency or media buying company can match.

For more information and a free media analysis, contact John Bowser, EVP/COO, Target Media, at (717) 561-5272 or visit their Web site at


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