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Process Improvement Studies

JMFA offers comprehensive consulting services and proven strategies to help credit unions generate new income, reduce expenses and create loyal, satisfied members. Over the past 35 years, JMFA has partnered with thousands of financial institutions across the nation, improving their performance and profitability. Their consistent, exemplary results have made JMFA one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Through a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s structure, workflow, human resources, as well as income and expenses, Process Improvement Studies identify strategies for increasing productivity, reducing costs and unlocking hidden value within a credit union. The evaluation covers the following:
  • organizational structure: departments, personnel, hierarchy and salary administration;
  • best practices: methods for change management throughout the organization;
  • workload and workflow analysis, including procedures at task level;
  • staffing studies: best utilization of human resources and staffing models;
  • branch profitability and justification;
  • account acquisition strategies;
  • non-interest income and non-interest, non-labor expense analysis;
  • product profitability and rationalization;
  • technology utilization: assessment of best technology solutions and use of current systems; and
  • general policies and procedures to improve operational efficiency.
As a part of each study, JMFA’s engagement team will provide recommendations that are uniquely designed to help maximize the credit union’s potential. Most importantly, consultants stay and help with implementation of the agreed upon recommendations to ensure that personnel have the knowledge and confidence necessary to work more efficiently and effectively.



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