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Credit Card Review

While the incidence of credit card fraud at credit unions is rare, an audit of staff and volunteer credit card accounts can help reduce a credit union’s vulnerability.

The Credit Card Review provides credit union management with a quarterly audit on credit union credit card accounts held by staff and volunteers.

The service is provided by the Association’s Card Services group. Card Services recommends that all credit union officials and staff be audited, including board members, supervisory, and credit committee members. Adults over the age of 18 that resides at the same address can also be audited.

The service provides management with the following information:

  • Confirm that the account is in good standing.
  • Review and validate payments, transactions or adjustments posted internally at the credit union.
  • Determine if any critical changes have been made to the account

Fees for the Credit Card Review are based the number of individuals included in the audit.

Getting Started

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