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HR Performance Solutions specializes in helping credit unions establish human resources programs that protect their greatest investment: people. Their approach to human resources management allows an organization to unite individual elements into a vital plan of action that supports a strategic vision and assures workforce stability.

Credit unions in the market for a way to improve or enhance their human resources program turn to HR Performance Solutions. They offer a complete package of products and expert services designed to address shortcomings in human resources programs and fortify what works, including:

Performance Evaluations - Performance Pro is a user-friendly, online system designed by HR experts to simplify the performance review process.  The online system has a completely updated look with new features, tools and reports. Performance Pro is fully configured to work the way you work. It is customizable and loaded with automated performance management tools and resources.

Compensation Administration - Compease salary administration software establishes competitive pay rates that are aligned with the market and equitable within your organization.  Compease is simple to use and manages budgets, salary ranges and annual updates. Training and customization provided by HR compensation consultants.

Incentive Plan Management - Incentease is an online incentive plan solution designed and supported by HR compensation professionals.  Incentease is built on solid business principles - incentives drive earnings and goal achievement. Reward performance based on completion of key position objectives. Some of the featured HR Products include:

Salary/Compensation System Design & Management

A well designed compensation system minimizes overpayment of salaries, because the true value of jobs is known. HR provides cost-effective, custom compensation solutions in such areas as base pay and salary structure development, incentive and bonus plans, and job market pricing.

Affirmative Action Preparation and Maintenance

Affirmative action is the set of public policies and initiatives designed to help eliminate past and present discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Affirmative action in the workplace covers such actions as hiring, firing, promotion, transfers, and training for protected groups of people.  A typical AAP takes an organization, on average, 180 hours to complete and thereafter 70-80 hours each year to update in-house. HR has AAP professionals with access to tools and resources that simplify data collection and significantly reduce the time and cost of preparing and maintaining AAP’s.

Employee Opinions Surveys

Effective internal communication is an important element of business success. It helps people within an organization unite behind a shared commitment and fosters a positive work environment.

An employee survey is a dynamic two-way internal communication process that generates valuable feedback on that shared commitment and more. A survey tests employees' grasp of company objectives and measures their attitudes about matters that affect productivity and loyalty. Survey results identify areas that shine and those that need improvement. The information also is valuable in strategic planning, as it pinpoints how to manage employee impact on company performance.

Recruiting Services

HR offers cost-effective staff recruiting services that provide expert assistance with ad placement, evaluation of candidates, pre-interviewing of candidates and a listing of suggested candidates for your selection.

HR Systems Assessment

Existing human resource functions are reviewed and measured to ensure effectiveness and compliance. An analysis of all major areas of human resources is conducted including posting requirements, recruitment and selection, policy and procedure administration, performance management, career development, counseling and discipline, termination, compensation requirements, employment process and records access. Recommendation are developed to assist the organization in creating action steps to increase the effectiveness of its human resource function.

Also provided is an optional, no obligation overview and demonstration of HR Suite, a complete and customizable HR compliance solution. Included are: HR Policy manual for supervisors and employees, employee handbook, and an extensive library of HR forms and tools.



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