Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

CO-OP Surcharge-Free ATM Network

The Largest Credit-Union Owned ATM Network in the Country.

It’s not an option anymore—members expect to find an ATM they can use wherever and whenever they need one. And they do not want to pay a surcharge for accessing their money. With more than 25,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, the CO-OP Network, operated by CO-OP Financial Services, is the most expansive credit union-owned ATM network in the nation.

Network Sponsorship Agreement

Through our Network Sponsorship Agreement, the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association is able to offer member credit unions the ability to join the CO-OP Network without having to purchase stock. In addition, credit unions will receive substantial discounts on transaction fees, setup fees, and annual fees.

National Surcharge-Free Network

CO-OP Financial Services consists of 2,000 member credit unions across the country with a combined total of some 24 million cardholders. These cardholders enjoy surcharge-free access to more than 25,000 CO-OP Network ATMs at participating credit unions, convenience stores, airports, supermarkets, malls, and many other retail locations. Deposits are accepted at over 6,000 of these ATMs.

The 7-Eleven Connection

The CO-OP Network has network relationships with well-known convenience store chains, sporting high-traffic locations and well-lit, 24-hour ATMs. Among the premier names in the CO-OP network is 7-Eleven. More than 5,500 of the chain’s ATMs are emblazened with the CO-OP Network logo. Most of these ATMs are full service, deposit-taking terminals available to members at locations throughout the country.

Where You Shop

CO-OP Network ATMs are available in many retail locations – gas stations, supermarkets, and discount stores, such as Kmart. This includes access to more than 800 ATMs in the Publix grocery chain, as well as more than 1,000 ATMs at The Pantry and Cumberland Farms convenience stores up and down the east coast.

When You Travel

CO-OP Network branded ATMs are found in many major U.S. airports and are exclusive at Los Angeles International, Salt Lake City International, and Denver International. In addition to airline employee credit unions, CO-OP has relationships with military and defense-related credit unions that provides ATM services for military personnel at bases in the U.S. and around the world.

Finding CO-OP Network ATMs

Members can identify a CO-OP Network ATM by the familiar logo on any ATM within the network. An online branch locator ( provides locations within a 10 mile radius. Members may also dial a toll-free number to reach an automated ATM locator service.

How To Join

Becoming a participant in CO-OP Network couldn’t be easier. There are no data processing changes required or additional data communications links. The CO-OP Network already has access to virtually every national and regional network in which you participate, and no conversion is required. CO-OP Financial Services will provide all the consulting, project management, and training needed to fully participate in network membership.

Marketing Support

Location brochures, statement stuffers (including 7-Eleven/CO-OP Network promotional materials), brochures, Web banners, ads, in-branch promotions, and other marketing resources are available to raise CO-OP Network awareness among your membership and in your market area.


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