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3SI Security Systems

3SI Security Systems provides dye packs and GPS packs for cash protection at the teller line and for safes, vaults, and ATMs.

Who is 3SI Security Systems?

3SI Security Systems, headquartered in Exton, PA is the world leader in cash protection systems designed to recover stolen cash, apprehend criminals, and deter crime. As a leading innovator of smoke, dye, and ink staining and tracking technologies to protect cash, 3SI protects more than 35,000 locations in North America. Their products hide where cash is stored; teller drawers, vaults, safes, ATMs and during ATM cash transport. Our alliance with 3SI began in 1988.

Why 3SI?  Why this provider over another?

3SI protects more than just cash assets. Members and employees are protected when 3SI’s products prevent criminals from striking again. In addition to recovering more than $90 million in stolen money, 3SI has aided in the apprehension of more than 9,300 criminals.

The 3SI name ties back to the Solutions, Service and Satisfaction provided to each credit union through:

  • complete training for tellers and staff;
  • comprehensive liability protection;
  • a teller payment program that provides incentives for using the product;
  • a national network of trained professionals providing comprehensive service for all customer needs, plus;
  • a money back guarantee.

Choose from the following 3SI product categories:

  • FlexPac and ThinPac dye packs for teller drawer protection
  • ESP® (electronic satellite pursuit)
  • Motion Triggered Vault Pack for vault protection
  • SecuriSafeTM System for protecting safes and their contents
  • Octopus® ATM Defense System for protecting ATM cash

The Octopus and SecuriSafe Systems defend valuables and cash. They provide protection against removal or tampering of an ATM or safe.



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