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Diebold provides self-service equipment, mobile banking, technology and services related to ATMs, deposit automation, cash dispensing and cash recycling, security products and services, fire detection solutions and services, ATM consumables, branch supplies, coin and currency counters.

Who is Diebold?

Diebold is the leading provider of ATMs in the U.S. and a leading global supplier of self-service systems. In addition to manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment, Diebold addresses credit union needs through comprehensive service solutions surrounding ATM services, security services, deposit automation and branch transformation.

Why Diebold?

Diebold is well known for innovative, reliable equipment, but perhaps the greatest reason that your credit union should consider Diebold is their flexibility and breadth. There is no credit union need too small or great for Diebold. Need one ATM? Done! Want to outsource the maintenance and upkeep of your entire ATM fleet, have your branch premises physically secure, and recycle cash at your teller lines? No problem!

Diebold is ahead of the curve in understanding how members interact with their money now and in the future. The company understands the risks facing credit unions, and is working to ensure the safety and security of your members and their information. Being a Diebold customer gives you access to the best technology and services in the financial world today.

Self-Service Equipment, Technology and Services Related to ATMs, Deposit Automation, Cash Dispensing and Cash Recycling

What exactly does "self service" mean? It's technology that empowers people to access services when, where and how they choose. One popular example is the ATM, but that's just a start. Other Diebold self-service solutions include:

ATMs & Self-Service Terminals – Advanced-function ATMs, cash dispensers and special application terminals.

Mobile Banking – Secure and convenient, MobiTransactTM allows members to stay connected to their money and to your credit union. It works on any smart phone to give members the ability to view accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and locate nearby branches and ATMs.

RemoteTeller System – A cost-effective, personal approach to in-branch banking using pneumatics and two-way closed circuit television.
Express Cash Dispenser and Recyclers – A compact cash-dispensing terminal with a front-load design that takes up minimal floor space, allowing the system to be restocked without interrupting teller operations.

ATM Currency Management – This Diebold solution helps credit unions track and analyze the movement of cash across their ATM networks. The software behind the solution helps accurately forecast cash replenishment requirements to reduce cost and resource allocations.

ATM Status Monitoring – Diebold Advisor® is an ATM status monitoring solution that increases the availability of your self-service terminals without adding capital expense.

ATM Advertising – RemoteLink manages your ATM performance with services like custom screen design, multimedia development, couponing and ATM advertising.

Security Products and Services

ATM Security Website – Diebold's new and first-of-its-kind ATM security website, specifically geared toward consumer safety. This site provides valuable information about how ATM users can increase personal safety and avoid becoming victims of fraud.

Security Products & Services – Integrated financial security solutions that increase productivity, improve customer service, reduce costs and enhance the overall protection of people and assets. Diebold is your single source for products, installation, service and maintenance.

Fire Detection – For around-the-clock confidence that your facility is being monitored, Diebold is the right choice. When an alarm sounds, professionals at Diebold’s CSAA Level 2 Monitoring Center immediately react based on the detailed procedures in your response plan. Rely on a partner that has one of the best response times in the industry to protect your members, employees, and assets.

ATM Consumables, Branch Supplies, Coin and Currency Counters

DieboldDirect – This outstanding one-stop-shopping resource offers superior ATM consumables such as paper, ribbon and envelopes, and coin and currency counters, complete with knowledgeable product representatives to help support your needs.




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