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JMFA Non-Interest Income /
Non-Interest Expense Studies

With a goal of improving a credit union’s potential and making it more competitive in today’s marketplace, JMFA Non-Interest Income/Non-Interest Expense Studies identify new sources of non-interest income and ways of reducing expenses. With lower net operating costs, institutions can offer higher interest rates on deposits and lower rates on loans, which in turn leads to growth and an increased ability to compete.

These comprehensive, customized studies go beyond traditional fee practices to make a credit union stronger and more efficient. All the while, maintaining focus on important issues like member satisfaction. The process includes:
  • optimizing service charge income across all deposit account types;
  • identifying un-priced or underpriced services by incorporating product profitability and value pricing;
  • reviewing the effectiveness of fee collection/waiver management reporting mechanisms;
  • properly aligning product offerings and delivery strategies within the current competitive and regulatory landscape;
  • developing new product set-up and action plan;
  • assessing product linking and integration options; and
  • analyzing all non-labor expenses, non-interest expenses, controls and disciplines.



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