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The CEO Strategies Group provides CEOs with insightful trend analysis of their credit union’s performance, household participation, and product sales, as compared to their peers. The service is provided by Raddon Financial Group (RFG).

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Data Requirements

In order to participate, credit unions provide RFG with a copy of their most recent NCUA 5300 report; their member database; (either MCIF or application files) as well as their financial data. RFG incorporates this data into their proprietary software to integrate and analyze these data sources.

A Strategic Resource

Upon completion of the analysis, CEOs have the opportunity to attend a regional workshop that provides credit union CEOs with an accurate assessment of product, member, and household profitability. Credit unions use this information to generate new product ideas, develop a market segmentation strategy, or as a strategic planning resource.
In addition to the workshops, credit unions receive the CEO Strategies Report. This comprehensive report contains over 350 pages with sections that address overall performance, member segmentation and product management. Each section incorporates regional, national and peer group averages. RFG also appends age and income demographic information to the credit union’s member database for advanced member segmentation analysis.

A typical CEO Strategies Group workshop includes three sections; a review of the Board Report, Segmentation Analysis and a Product Management Analysis.

The Board Report

The Board Report provides a strategic overview of current performance based on four keys to ROA management: operational efficiency, net interest margin management, non-interest income, and relationship management. This section summarizes the credit union’s performance as compared to its peers for the benefit of the credit union’s management team and board of directors.

Segmentation Analysis

The Segmentation Analysis demonstrates household profitability and identifies possible new opportunities within the credit union’s membership. This section recommends tactical direction for profit segments and determines the best cross-sell opportunities for an individual credit union.
As part of its Segmentation Analysis, RFG takes an in-depth look at a specific issue faced by credit unions. This “break-through research” provides credit unions with accurate information regarding today’s hottest topics.

Product Management

The Product Management presentation provides a comprehensive analysis for each of the credit union’s products, as well as product tactics to increase sales to key segments. The strengths and weaknesses of each product is discussed and evaluated in terms of new account growth, account and balance retention, product pricing and product profitability. This interactive session provides an opportunity for the group to work on product design and pricing. The intent is to understand the dynamics that drive better product performance. The objective of this section is to assist the CEO with product design, pricing, and promotional actions in key product areas.

Experience You Can Trust

RFG’s approach is three-fold:

  1. Maintain several unique and proprietary databases for ongoing and historical data;
  2. Utilize state-of-the-art research, analysis techniques, and proprietary software to derive and interpret that data;
  3. Deliver the research results in a series of very tactical and useful programs and services.

Participation in the CEO Strategies Group will provide your credit union with product solutions that work to balance market share growth and earnings performance. Their analysis will demonstrate how to lower product acquisition costs, and how to increase product penetration among your membership.

Affordable Cost

Credit unions are able to purchase a membership in the CEO Strategies Group, at a cost that is based on the asset size of the credit union.

For each cycle that they participate, the credit union receives two copies of the CEO Strategies Book, the ability to attend regional meetings, and executive summary reports. A nominal registration fee is charged per attendee for each workshop.

About Raddon Financial Group

Since 1975, RFG has provided innovative research data, insightful analysis, strategic counsel and marketing solutions to hundreds of financial institutions across the nation. Because they focus exclusively on financial institutions, they clearly understand the market and recognize critical issues that shape the industry.

RFG clients appreciate their unique combination of methodology and applied practical knowledge achieved through years of industry experience.


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