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Debit Card Correspondent Program

Members are Demanding Debit Cards

Debit cards give your members convenient purchasing power along with ATM accessibility. Members will find that debit cards are faster than writing a check and more convenient than carrying cash. It’s easy to see why so many members are requesting debit cards as part of their transaction accounts.

Credit Unions Benefit Too

There are many advantages to offering a debit card program, such as:

  • Help attract and retain new members
  • Provide additional cross-selling opportunities
  • Increase usage of transaction accounts as well as increase member satisfaction
  • Generate a new revenue stream for your credit union
  • Daily settlements are provided through your Corporate
  • Credit union name and logo is imprinted on the card

Correspondent Program

The Correspondent Debit Card program is designed for mid to larger sized credit unions to allow members debit card access for their checking/share draft account and/or share/savings account.  Under the Correspondent Debit Card program, services are provided by the Association’s Card Services Department.

Card Services Responsibilities

Under the correspondent program, Card Services provides credit unions with the following services:

  • Implementation of your debit card program
  • Train credit union personnel on internal operations
  • Updates on operational issues as well as enhancements
  • Toll-free access to a Credit Union Service Representative
  • Chargeback handling
  • 24-hour security/fraud handling
  • Online accounting reports on a daily basis

Credit Union Responsibilities

Credit unions that implement a Correspondent Debit Card program will have the following responsibilities:

  • Obtain programming from your data processor to post ACH (ATM activity) and CTF (debit activity) posting files
  • Establish a policy for your debit card program
  • Obtain the necessary bonding insurance for fraud losses
  • Set transaction fees: monthly, quarterly, or annual fees
  • Establish type and amount of overdraft, card replacement, document, and/or card recovery fees.
  • Market the debit card program
  • Approve member applications
  • Determine program parameters such as off line or positive balance authorization
  • Provide name and logo for plastic design with camera-ready artwork
  • Input data to open/maintain cardholder information

Program Implementation

The implementation process to start issuing debit cards is approximately 120 days from the date we receive all signed documentation.

Implementation  & Membership Costs

Fees are required to implement a Correspondent Debit Card program.


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