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April 2011   

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Classified Ads
Are you looking to buy, sell, trade or give away gently-used furniture or equipment?  Are you looking for a part-time employee?
Post your ad in the SCUNet Classifieds here.

Gift Cards
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Graduations:  Gift Giving Easier than Ever!

There’s no easier time of the year to promote your Visa Gift Card Program than this spring with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation celebrations right around the corner! 

The Visa Gift Card Program offers a turnkey solution, is competitively priced at only $1.25 per card, and easily managed.  Order your supply today!   Click here for more information or contact Chantel Hassinger at 800-932-0661, extension 5263. 

Prepaid Reloadable Travel Card Promotion Extended! 
FREE implementation of the TravelMoney Reloadable Debit Card Program through April 29, 2011! That's a $500 SAVINGS!


Welcome Erie Times Federal Credit Union,
our newest credit union to pledge the Seven Cs. Want to know more? Click here.

Registration still open - First attendee is
The Association is holding a series of Compliance Town Meetings. These half day meetings feature topics such as the new garnishment rules, SAFE Act registration, and new NCUA actions. The best part is that one person from each credit union can attend for FREE. Additional registrants only $50 per person. Register by visiting the Compliance page of the Association's website.

Collaboration Corner -- the Mentor Network
Thank you all for the excellent response to our recent SCUNet Survey.  Your feedback is very important to us and is being used to make the Small Credit Union Network website more relevant.

A significant portion of the survey dealt with your opinion of the Mentor Network.  Sixty percent of respondents agreed that having a mentor relationship with a larger credit union would be advantageous; however, the Mentor Network continues to be underutilized. Why?

  • Aware of it, but we need direction in establishing a relationship
  • Time – we do not have time to establish a mentor relationship
  • Overwhelmed with day-to-day activities
  • Pride – reluctant to ask for assistance
  • Fear – all the big credit unions want to do is merger us

A personal message from Rick Myxter, Director, Small Credit Union Development:
To attempt to overcome these issues, I want to personally offer to work with your credit union.  Please call me to discuss how the Mentor Network can help your credit union.  If you want to establish a mentor relationship, I will act on your behalf and contact the credit union of your choice. The mentor credit unions have volunteered because they were once small, as you are, and are aware of the many obstacles that must be overcome daily.  They want to help.

Please take me up on this offer.  I hope to receive so many calls that I have to create a waiting list for this service. You can reach me by email at or by calling 800-932-0661, ext. 5214.

If you are unsure of how to establish a mentor relationship and would like assistance matching your needs with another credit union, please contact Rick.  He will assist you in finding the credit union expertise you are comfortable working with. Why not make the call today? Click here to view the list of credit union mentors.

Looking for a list of your policies?
1Did you ever wish for a list of your policies or wonder when they were approved by the board? CU PolicyPro has made a “Working Manual Report”  available for users to accommodate this need.

When working in a CU PolicyPro policy, you will see a new field to add a board approved date; once input, this date will be reflected on the Working Manual Report, as well as the last date the policy has been saved. Reports can be found on the Manual page under Working Manual.

For help in taking full advantage of CU Policy Pro, contact PCUA Compliance & Operations Officer Elaine Royer at 800-932-0661, extension 5341.

NCUA Launches One-Stop Financial Information Toolbox
Board Chairman Debbie Matz recently introduced a new consumer tool –   The website offers educational information and personal finance tips designed to help individuals in making smart financial decisions and better choices for their money.  The website also explains how credit unions work and reminds consumers that savings up to at least $250,000 in federally-insured credit unions are backed by the U.S. Government.  Thus credit unions remain a very safe place for Americans to deposit their earnings.

Your credit union should add to a prominent place on your website and encourage your members to bookmark the site as a helpful resource for consumer financial research needs.

Newtek Business Services
Through the Association’s strategic alliance with CUNA Strategic Services, your credit union can leverage business services expertise without having that expert in house by utilizing the services of Newtek. You'll receive one-time referral fees or on-going revenue share, and there are no up-front costs!  Newtek is a non-depository institution (they are not competing for members’ accounts) offering your member businesses and SEG’s:

To offer Newtek’s Business Solutions to your member businesses, please contact your Association Account Executive or Jon Schmidt from Newtek .

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