July 2011  
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Job Postings & Classified Ads on PCUA Website

Does your credit union have a position opening or do you know someone looking for a job ?

Are you looking to sell/give away equipment that you no longer need?

The Credit Union Jobs page posts credit union job opportunities in Pennsylvania, as well as surrounding states. In addition, the classified page includes items available for sale or free.

The Association has positive feedback from these ads - many have received good resumes and were able to hire great candidates.

Information for job listings should be emailed to webmaster@pcua.coop.  

Get your GRANTS here!

Credit unions with assets of $20 million and less can qualify for grants to support programs such as Financial Literacy, Technology, Strategic Planning, Marketing, and Education. Information may be found here or contact Executive Director Joe Wambach at joseph.wambach@pcua.coop

Welcome Central York Federal Credit Union!
Join us in welcoming our newest "Sail the Seven Cs" pledge: Tina DeShields, CEO/Manager of Central York FCU is focused on growth and prosperity; committing to Sail the Seven Cs with the Small Credit Union Network (SCUNet).

Pledge to be a Seven Cs Credit Union!

TransUnion, dedicated to serving small credit unions
TransUnion has long been a dedicated provider for small credit unions, both in Pennsylvania and nationally. In fact, TransUnion boasts a specialized department with a team of experienced sales and service representatives assigned to each credit union.  

Along with online access to consumer credit data, TransUnion offers several innovative and versatile products designed to help small credit unions mitigate risk, manage expenses and drive revenue. From credit reports to portfolio reviews, TransUnion delivers the right solutions from the moment a member or prospect walks through the door.

Visit the TransUnion website today or contact your Association Account Executive.

Collaboration Corner
The summer and fall seasons provide the greatest opportunity for credit union collaboration on community projects and events.  Work together on fund raising events, and other community social gatherings.  Share the expense of sponsoring and show the community the true cooperative spirit of credit unions…People Helping People.

We'd want to share in your success! Share your story about your community collaborative efforts with SCUNet by emailing us the details and outcomes. We'll in turn share this with your credit union peers thereby expanding the borders of credit union collaboration.

For assistance and advice on establishing a collaborative effort, email Rick Myxter or call 800-932-0661, ext. 5214.

Policy Management Made Easy

Credit unions are hearing from their examiners that they need to have a policy on this or on that.  Do you know which policies are mandatory, mandatory only if you offer that product, and which are optional

CU PolicyPro can provide you with that list: found in the Library under CU PolicyPro Tools; simply choose Content Guidelines.

In addition to helping you define which policies are most important for your credit union to have, each policy allows you to input a Revised, Reviewed and Board Approved Date. Then by choosing Reports while in the Manual and then Working Manual Report, you will be able to see at a glance when each policy was Revised, Reviewed and/or Board Approved.

For help in taking full advantage of CU Policy Pro, contact PCUA Compliance & Operations Officer Elaine Royer at 800-932-0661, extension 5341.

Compliance Q&A
Q. Mrs. Jones is in a nursing home and her son has Power of Attorney (POA) on her account.  He has been making large withdraws and share drafts being written on the account are payable to the race track.  We believe he is taking advantage of Mrs. Jones. What can we do?

A.  FinCen recently issued an advisory, FIN-2011-A003, regarding Elder Financial Abuse.  Credit unions who suspect that an elderly person is being taken advantage of should complete a Suspicious Activity Report and include the term "elder financial exploitation" in the narrative portion the SAR. The narrative should also include an explanation of why the institution knows, suspects, or has reason to suspect that the activity is suspicious. The FinCen Advisory contains several examples of financial abuse “red flags.”

Technical Assistance Grant Money Available ~ First Come, First Served
NCUA recently announced receiving $1.25 million in appropriations from Congress to support credit unions that are  low-income designated.   Qualified credit unions should immediately review available programs and apply as funds are limited and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.  Details and application procedures can be found here.

Western PA Free NCUA Credit Union Workshops
Don’t delay, register to attend the July 22nd workshop in Erie or the July 28th in Pittsburgh.  All asset size credit unions are invited.  Complete details can be found here.

NCUA Announces Online Financial Literacy Training Availability
Online Training Available for Federal Credit Union Volunteers

NCUA is offering a training module on financial statements for Federal Credit Union (FCU) volunteer officials on the NCUA LearnCenter at: http://ncua.learn.com/directortraining.

The training module takes approximately one hour to complete and is designed to introduce financial statement concepts to board members with non-financial backgrounds. The training module covers income statements, statements of cash flow, and balance sheets. The cost of the training is $15, collected via ACH, using information collected during the registration process.

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