October 2011  
Planning & the Foundation

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Gift Card Season is Approaching

The biggest gift giving season will be here before you know it!

As your members cash-out their holiday savings accounts, offer the alternative that's perfect for everyone.

Gift cards! One of the easiest, and least expensive, member services you can offer! Contact Liz Gregg by email or calling 800.932.0661, extension 5260.

Click here to download the Gift Card Benefit Sheet.

SCUNet Mentor Network

Do you want to start a new service, create a website or get advice on how to grow your loan portfolio, but not sure what to do?

Don’t recreate the wheel, utilize the resources of the SCUNet Mentor Network.

We have a collective 170 resource points from credit unions of all sizes and expertise ranging from accounting to operations to technology and everything in between. This special list of credit union staff are ready, willing, and able to provide you with guidance, support, and direction.  Why not make the call today?

Click here to view the list of credit union mentors.

Opening Doors in Your Community

Provide FREE Tax Preparation Services through VITA

The NCUA and the Internal Revenue Service have teamed up to offer financial assistance to “low income” designated credit unions wishing to help existing and potential members prepare their tax returns, especially those eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Use the attached link for more information about the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Initiative and to determine how you can receive grant money to provide this important financial assistance program in your community.


Welcome Pittsburgh Firefighters FCU!
Marie O'Brien and staff are ready to Sail the Seven Cs with the Small Credit Union Network. We're in great company!

Check it Out! SCUNet Web pages have been revised. We've condensed and consolidated the information making it easier to find what you're looking for. And be sure to check out the new home page often where you'll find the latest news, collaborative events, and pertinent information.

Access to the SCUNet pages of the Association's website are password protected. For assistance in logging in, please email Information Technology.

Planning and the Foundation, a Win-Win
The ever-changing financial marketplace provides a contrasting set of opportunities on one hand and threats on the other.  

With a new year ahead of us, it's time for credit union boards and CEO’s to take a proactive stance towards a realistic assessment of their credit union's strengths, weaknesses and prospects for the future.  

The Association offers Strategic Planning services that can be customized to meet your needs, and the Pennsylvania Credit Union Foundation has grant money available to offset the cost of this valuable service.

Click here for eligibility criteria and application requirements; or contact Rick Myxter for complete information on strategic planning alternatives.

Collaboration Corner
Wyoming Valley and Scranton Chapter Hold Small Credit Union Meeting

CEO’s and staff from nine credit unions met for breakfast September 7th to plan their Fall collaborative efforts. 

Small credit unions from the two chapters meet quarterly to discuss operational issues and schedule joint initiatives.  Events scheduled include a group car sale, an iBelong marketing campaign, BSA and Supervisory Committee training, creation of an educational library, and group purchasing of supplies and electricity. 

3All of this was accomplished in a two hour meeting that included breakfast.  These meetings are coordinated by Debbie Peters, CEO of Incol CU and Wyoming Valley Chapter president.  As Debbie puts it “I think our quarterly meetings help because we no longer feel overwhelmed by the challenges we face.  We can share ideas, problems, and concerns.  Often someone has a solution or a contact for assistance."

To get more information on the meeting format and outcomes, Debbie can be reached at debbie.peters1@verizon.net.   If you want to establish your own peer work group and don’t know where to start, contact Rick Myxter for assistance.  Work smarter, not harder…..

CU PolicyPro Tip of the Month
Semi-annual updates were recently emailed to the registered contact person at each credit union.  If your credit union did not receive the update or needs assistance in updating your manual, please contact PCUA Compliance & Operations Officer, Elaine Royer, at 800.932.0661, extension 5341.

One minor change was made to the manuals: in the Manual Builder area, the folder previously titled “MANUAL TOOLS” has been renamed to “PUBLISHING TOOLS”.  As this folder contains all of the tools related to publishing, it was felt this minor naming change better reflected what you will find when accessing this folder.

Ops Notes: The most recent edition of Ops Notes can be found in the Library section of your CU PolicyPro and is entitled Regulation Z – Credit Card Act Clarifications.

Compliance Q&A
Q: Ok...we're registered under the SAFE Act. How long will this registration remain active?
A: Federal regulations require individual mortgage loan originator registrations and institution accounts be renewed on an annual basis. 

Q: When are registrations renewed?
A: The Annual Renewal Period is from November 1 to December 31.

Q: Who needs to renew?
A: According to Federal Regulations, registrations that became active before July 1 must be renewed by the end of the same calendar year. Registrations initially made active after July 1 are not required to be renewed in the same calendar year.

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