Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

CO-OP Mobile Banking

No matter what your members’ mobile phone preferences or needs, you can quickly and easily offer them the latest technology and real-time access to their accounts - with minimal infrastructure investment on your part.

Your members’ needs for mobile banking vary, as do credit union host systems and infrastructure. That’s why CO-OP Mobile provides the ultimate flexibility in the form of multi-mode platform options.

CO-OP Mobile offers greater flexibility and reach through three access modes:
  • Text banking, which allows virtually anyone with a mobile phone to use
  • Mobile Web browser for richer functionality
  • Downloadable application for smartphones, including the iPhone
Credit unions can offer one, two or all three modes as part of their mobile banking service.

A Cost Effective Solution
With CO-OP Mobile, start-up expenses are minimal. Because it serves credit unions already established on the shared branching platform, no changes to your host or online banking system are required. Plus, the text banking vanity code is purchased for you by CO-OP.

Fast Implementation
CO-OP Mobile can be up and running within 60-90 days with minimal investment on your part. CO-OP Mobile is integrated into the Next Generation Network (NGN) platform.

Branding and relevance
When selecting a financial institution, a growing number of consumers consider mobile banking a requirement. CO-OP Mobile’s downloadable and browser app modes support your own credit union branding.

Members can perform the following functions from their cellular device:
  • View account balances
  • View recent activity on a specific account, up to 30 days of history or as supported
  • View details of a specific transaction
  • Search for a transaction by date posted or amount
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make payment transfers (share to loan account)
  • Find nearest CO-OP Network ATM or Shared Branch locations
A help system is available for assistance with any function.

For more information on CO-OP Mobile Banking,
contact or 800-932-0661.