Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

Staff Directory

PCUA Staff Telephone Directory


President's Office


Patrick C. Conway, IOM - President & Chief Executive Officer

Kati Shoop - Vice President, Human Resources / Corporate Relations

Kamala Branchick - Manager, Human Resources

Accounting / Administration

T. Fetsko
- Controller / Vice President, Administration

Tara Berdecia - Manager, Accounting & Administrative Support

Steve Bordlemay - Supervisor, Accounting

Robin Kurtz - Sr. Accounting Assistant

Audit Services

Lonnie Leh, CPA, CFSA, CRP - Director, Audit Services

Gregory Westwood, AAP, CUCE, BSACS - Manager, Audit Services

Erika Brunner - Auditor

Andrew Grzebieniak - Auditor

Jeff Whisler - Auditor

Business Advisory Services

Molly Snody
- Director, Business Advisory Services

Business / Strategic Services

Corinne Sherman - Sr. Vice President, Fee Services

Russell Evans - Vice President, Business Development & Membership

Monika Edlis, CCUE, CUCME - Sr. Account Executive

Angelique Pattillo, SFE, CUCE, BSACS - Account Executive

Lindsay Libengood - Product Manager

Carol Romig - Pacul Services Department Assistant

Card Services

Sheba Wallish
- Director, Card Services

John Bomer - CU Service Representative

Rose Dietz - Settlement Representative

Gary Grimes - CU Service Representative

Heidi Heberlig - Card Services Coordinator

Bryan Sutch - CU Service Representative

Marketing & Communications

Mike Wishnow
- Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Carol Fastrich Aranos - Assistant Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Jessilyn Kumpf - Communications Officer

Jeff Snyder - Communications Officer

Brenda Walker - Marketing Officer

Jay Young - Marketing Officer

Tina Lesko - Administrative Assistant

Credit Union Compliance Services

Kim Zelna, CUCE - Director, Compliance Services

Joanne Broderick, CUCE, BSACS - Compliance Consultant

Ann Renfrew, CUCE - Compliance & Operations Officer

Carol Sheetz - Administrative Assistant

Education & Professional Development

Pam Stein - Director, Education & Professional Development

Jamie Lewis - Meeting & Events Specialist

Barb Graziano - Education Assistant

Information Systems

Ross Sackler
- Manager, IT

Bonnie Cameron - IT Specialist

General Counsel / Governmental Affairs

Rick Wargo, Esq
- Executive Vice President / General Counsel

Christina Mihalik - Vice President, Government Relations

Lori Bebar - Administrative Assistant


John Doulgeris
- Senior Vice President, Operations

Josh Potteiger - Property Maintenance Assistant

Pennsylvania Credit Union Foundation

Kathleen Fey
- Executive Director

John Kebles - REAL Solutions Program Manager


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