Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

2006 News


Credit Unions Offer Consumers a “Better Choice” To Avoid Payday Lenders

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association today proudly announced the introduction of a statewide credit union alternative to costly payday loans that often begin a downward spiral of debt for Pennsylvania consumers entitled the Credit Union Better Choice.  More


PCUA to Launch $2.25 Million Dollar Credit Union Awareness Campaign

HARRISBURG - Recognizing an overall lack of credit union awareness and a decrease in membership growth, the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association has approved an 18-month credit union awareness campaign.  More


PA Credit Union Association Launches Business Advisory Services

HARRISBURG – The Association announces its newest product offering, Business Advisory Services (BAS). BAS consists of a suite of educational and consulting programs aimed at assisting credit unions that plan to serve small businesses.  More


PA Credit Union Association Hires Three

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association has recently hired three new staff members:  Molly Snody, Director, CU Business Services; Brenda Walker, Director, Card Services Marketing; and Christine Seitz, Governmental Affairs Specialist.  More