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TrueChecks™ identifies counterfeit, NSF, and closed accounts at the teller line.
In real time, via the web or as part of an existing teller system, TrueChecks™ provides financial institutions with a cross-institutional, account level view of the transaction.

TrueChecks™ fraud prevention service helps to answer the following types of questions:

  • Is the payee's account open and valid?
  • Is the item counterfeit?
  • Is the account in a closed, NSF, or high-risk status?
  • Has the account recently returned checks?
  • Is there a stop-payment on a deposited consumer check, official check, or money order?

Our service is virtually transparent to the customer and allows tellers to make fully informed decisions regarding check acceptance. TrueChecks™ guides the teller through the transaction by displaying the type of fraud or risk associated with the item, as well as providing recommendations regarding the appropriate Reg CC hold.

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Advanced Fraud Solutions has collaborated with Early Warning to introduce a web-based version of the DEPOSIT CHEK® service. The same data available from the analog hardware readers is now delivered over the web to every teller workstation in sub-second response rate- without the need for dedicated phone lines or hardware.  DEPOSIT CHEK® offers to identify high-risk deposits and now the efficiencies of a web based delivery system that removes the need for readers, maintenance, cords, hardware, and dedicated phone lines.

Same-Day Batch for DEPOSIT CHEK®

Same day batch notification for DEPOSIT CHEK® and TrueChecks® service is a proven solution from Advanced Fraud Solutions. This same day batch notification helps prevent fraud from ATM, remote, and branch. Positive and Negative responses for off-us items identify status, NSF, Closed or Counterfeit issues with transaction accounts. This solution decreases high-risk deposit losses and improving member satisfaction. The same day batch warnings help to identify and prevent return item losses, counterfeiting and other fraud by allowing the FSO to place extended Reg CC holds. The positive data responses improve cash-back and faster fund availability for the member.

Additionally, Same-Day Batch for DEPOSIT CHEK® and TrueChecks® offers:

  • Multiple batch review and response opportunities in the same day
  • Images of check during review with warning information
  • Counterfeit and account level status information


TrueCards® is the only package that allows financial institutions to independently identify and stop fraud proactively within their own plastic card portfolios.  TrueCards® provides these advantages

  • Enables a single institution to independently manage their card portfolio
  • Identifies the common point of compromise within the portfolio
  • Delivers a custom preemptive 'stop, block, and reissue' report
  • Offers a real-time solution rather than a strategy that relies on late information
  • Utilizes historic and current plastic card transactions regardless of processor
  • Provides a holistic view of a multi-card vendor portfolio

TrueCards Product Sheet




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