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CU Direct Indirect Lending Program

Since 1994, CU Direct Corporation and credit unions from around the United States have made Credit Union Direct Lending® (CUDL) the largest credit union point-of-sale lending network in the nation.

The credit union-owned program features an automated approval system that enables members to receive their credit union’s financing right at the auto dealership. With CUDL, credit union values and dealership convenience are combined to provide an auto lending service which benefits members, potential members, credit unions, and auto dealers to make the auto buying process quick and convenient.

The CUDL Process

The CUDL process enables credit union members to walk into any participating car dealership, find a new or used vehicle, and complete the financing for their credit union right at the dealership. Even during evenings or weekends, when credit unions are normally closed, CUDL’s fully automated process applies the credit union’s underwriting guidelines, loan rates, and terms to the transaction.

The Credit Union Interface

Credit unions access the CUDL system through a Web-based platform to update their rates, policies, send funds to dealer accounts, and access reports. Credit unions control their individual programs with regard to rates, advance policies, tier pricing, and underwriting criteria.

The Dealer Interface

Dealers access the CUDL system through a Web-based platform to enter member applications and access reports. Once an application is submitted, the response is immediate, and can be printed to include in the package.

CUDL Benefits

The program is a complete indirect lending package for credit unions, unlike any other. Credit unions have access to great products and services, a large network of auto dealers, one distinct brand, competitive pricing, and the ability to provide convenience to their members.

With their competitive rates and dedication to helping members manage their money, credit unions are a great place for members to obtain financing for vehicles. Now, members can have the convenience of obtaining credit union auto financing right at the dealership. The process is quick, streamlined, and saves time. Going to a CUDL dealer, members can have confidence knowing the loan is being provided and serviced by their credit union.

Dealers can access a large network of credit unions on one easy-to-use platform and get immediate financing decisions. This quick and convenient approval process gives dealers control of the deal, a high Consumer Satisfaction Index, and the ability to offer credit union financing to members. Dealers receive an administration fee from the credit union; have first rights to sell Extended Service Contracts; and have the ability to increase income through the sale of additional products.

CUDL allows credit union members to take advantage of their credit union’s competitive auto loan rates and services, right from their local auto dealership. Answers are immediate, and the process is simple.

Additional information is available at the Credit Union Direct Lending Web site at


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