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What is Electronic Lien & Title?

In recent years, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, along with other motor vehicle agencies from around the country, have implemented an Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) system for use by financial institutions. This initiative helps to streamline vehicle transactions for not only motor vehicle agencies, but for credit unions and members as well.

The same title documents required to apply for a paper title are also required for an ELT. The applications are submitted to PENNDOT in the same manner. Upon completion of processing, PENNDOT will transmit an electronic notification to the credit union instead of mailing a paper title. This notification is transmitted to the credit union through software provided by an ELT integrator.

This notification will include the same owner and vehicle information that is currently printed on the paper title. The credit union, upon receipt of the lien notification, will verify the information that is transmitted. When the lien has been satisfied, the credit union will then transmit a clearance to PENNDOT. Upon receipt of the lien release, a paper title will be printed and mailed to the member, and PENNDOT will notify the credit union that their ELT record has been released.

MV-38L Form

ELT Quick Reference Guide

Why implement an ELT Solution?

In short, ELT eliminates the need for credit unions to store paper titles.

The benefits of ELT include:

  • Reduction in filing space needed to store paper titles
  • Elimination of staff time to file paper titles or locate misplaced titles
  • Elimination of time and cost associated with replacing lost titles
  • Improved member service through more timely release and printing of clear titles

In order for a credit union to implement an ELT program they must be approved by PENNDOT as a participating financial institution, and enter into a contract with an ELT integrator for transmission of electronic title and lien data.

DealerTrack Collateral Management Services

DealerTrack Collateral Mangement Services (formerly FDI Collateral Management) is the largest vehicle collateral management company in the United States.  Currently DealerTrack Collateral Management Services manages over 23 million titles, housing 12 million paper titles on site and managing another 11 million electronically. DealerTrack Collateral Management Services processes titles in all 15 ELT states and fulfills the title administration process for more than 2,700 clients.  DealerTrack Collateral Management  Services is an expert in the process of securing vehicle collateral between the borrower and the lienholder.  Affiliation with all 50 states gives DealerTrack Collateral Management Services insight to the changing legislation and the titling process.

Making DealerTrack Collateral Management Services your business partner provides you the confidence that your vehicle portfolios are secure, expertly managed and accessible to you 24/7 through our web based software.  Whether you are a small lender who focuses on one state or a large lender in all 50 states, DealerTrack Collateral Management Services has services to support your business needs.

DealerTrack Collateral Management Services Online Title Tracking System

DealterTrack’s software capability for Electronic Lien & Title (ELT) provides online access to electronic title documents via the Collateral Manager System, or CMS.  CMS is the most reliable, powerful title management software on the market. The software features include:

  • Over 25 pre-defined reports that deliver prioritized details on your title management activities. Credit unions always have the option to filter and streamline reports to meet your unique needs.
  • Free access to DealerTrack Help Desk Specialists. DealerTrack specialists are at your service to assist with software or title management questions.
  • The Manager’s Summary. This summary report provides the precise status of your credit union’s entire vehicle portfolio, including what’s missing, what’s pending, and what’s perfected.
  • VIN Valuation - Know the value of one vehicle, a group of vehicles, or your entire vehicle portfolio.
  • VIN Explosion - Get the details of a vehicle by keying in the VIN. Find out year, make, model, and more.

Experience You Can Trust

DealerTrack Collateral Management Services completes a Service Audit Standard’s SAS70 review to ensure the quality and security of their methods.

DealerTrack Collateral Management Services maintains strong relationships with key motor vehicle administrators to encourage the use of electronic processes. DealerTrack has participated in pilot ELT programs with every state whose motor vehicle agencies desired to participate in paperless titling. This experience and expertise with paper and electronic solutions is unique to DealerTrack and is focused toward one common goal: cost-saving innovations for their customers.

To obtain additional information on ELT technology from DealerTrack Collateral Management Services, visit their Web site at


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