Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

A Resource to Help New Members Find You

As a free service available to members of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association, helps potential members determine if they can join your credit union.

What Do Credit Unions Need To Do?

To help potential members find your credit union, each credit union must provide a complete list of SEGs or other field of membership information through the “Update My Records” link in the lower left corner of If you require User ID or password information, please contact the Association’s Communications department at 800-932-0661.

As an example, if your field of membership includes schools within the Philadelphia School District, you must provide the names of all schools within the school district. We acknowledge this may take some time in compiling this data; however, your time will be rewarded by the benefits of an increase in membership.

So that the system can make an accurate match with your credit union, please be as specific as possible in the information that you’re providing. The more complete the process of providing credit union information, the more accurate the search process will become.

How does work?

Potential member are asked to fill in a series of information fields such as city, state, zip, occupation, religious affiliation, organization, association, and employer. This input is matched with the information contained in the database as provided by member credit unions. If a match is found, a list of possible credit unions is displayed. The potential member may learn more about a credit union from the list by clicking on the credit union name, after which information about the credit union such as branches, street addresses and phone number will be displayed. A link to the credit union’s website is also provided on this detail page, as well as the ability to map branch locations in the zip code specified. Potential member also have the option to submit an inquiry indicating they would like the credit union to contact them with more information. This form is e-mailed to the credit union, providing the credit union an opportunity to extend an invitation of membership to the consumer.


For more information or to get started, please contact your Association Representative at 800-932-0661, or e-mail
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