Pennsylvania Credit Union Association

Prepaid Debit Products (Reloadable)

The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association offers a reloadable debit card program that is available to all member credit unions. Credit unions do not have to currently issue credit or debit cards in order to participate.   Service for the reloadable debit card is provided by the Illinois League’s Service Corporation (ICUL) under the CU Money and the TravelMoney Card Programs.

Prepaid debit cards carry the Visa logo on the front of the card and your members can add value to the card at anytime. In addition to the 20 million Visa locations worldwide where the cards are accepted, the reloadable cards also work at ATMs and merchants anywhere your members see the Plus or Interlink (pinned based POS) networks.

Advantages of Offering Prepaid Debit Cards

  • Credit Union does not have the risk or any of the fraud responsibilities
  • Prepaid debit will help retain and attract new members
  • TravelMoney card replaces the paper traveler’s check
  • Members will use the card as a financial management tool
  • Members that don't qualify for a debit/credit card will have a way to access ATMs and Visa merchants
  • Cards are not directly linked to savings or share draft accounts, however funds are loaded from only their credit union accounts

Benefits to Your Credit Union

  • Provides additional one-time and on-going revenue
  • Provides a competitive advantage and cross-selling opportunities
  • Strengthens existing relationships with your members
  • Ease of operation of the program - no software or hardware requirements, only internet connection

Credit Union Responsibilities

  • Market the prepaid debit program
  • An administrative user at the credit union will assign users at the credit union to access the system
  • Deduct the loads from your members DDA account and verify settlement
  • Review settlement reports, rejected ACH reports and record entries

ICUL Service Corporation Responsibilities

  • Complete implementation of the program
  • Assign the parameters — Maximum amount allowed on card $5,000, $310 daily ATM withdrawal limit, $1,500 daily PIN POS limit and $5,000 daily signature limit
  • Provide training for credit union personnel regarding internal operations of the program
  • Provide toll free assistance through our member service representative to answer all credit unions questions
  • Order initial card, emboss with member name and mail directly to member (CU Money Card only)
  • Settle your corporate account at the time card value is loaded/reloaded

Program Implementation

The implementation process to start issuing reloadable debit cards is approximately 30 days from the date that ICUL receives all signed documentation.  For a custom program (branded), the time frame is 60-90 days.

Implementation Costs

The following sets up fees are required to implement a reloadable debit card program.

CU Money or Travel Card

There are two types of reloadable debit products available – CU Money and TravelMoney. The main difference between the two programs is that the CU Money General Purpose card is intended to reach those members that do not qualify for a debit card where as the TravelMoney card is intended to be used for travel, whether that be for business or pleasure.  The CU Money card is personalized with the members name, the TravelMoney card is not.

  CU Money
(General Purpose)
Intended Audience Underserved, non-qualified member Travelers
CU Monthly Income $0.50/active account None
CU Monthly Program Fee $50 None
# of Load/Reloads Unlimited 1 initial, 3 additional
Minimum Load $10 $100
Maximum Loan $5,000 $5,000
Card Feature Personalize Non-personalized
Card Expiration 2 1/2 years 2 years
Card Reissue Auto re-issue on active accounts No reissue, disposable
Cardholder Fee Differences    
Monthly Maintenance Fee $2 ($0.50 goes back to CU) None
Inactivity Fee $3 begins in fourth month $5, begins in eleventh month
Foreign Currency Exchange Fee 1% 2%
Overdraft Fee None $15
Reload Fee $0.50 $2

See a side-by-side comparison of pre-paid debit cards

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