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Visa Instant Issue Gift Card Program


Visa Gift Cards are a valuable service that any credit union can offer to its members.

The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association offers a Visa Instant Issue Gift Card Program that is available to all member credit unions. Credit unions do not have to currently issue credit or debit cards in order to participate in the Visa Gift Card program.

Once a credit union orders a supply of gift cards, members have the ability to purchase Visa Gift Cards directly from their credit union. Credit unions have the option to charge a fee for the service or simply sell the card at face-value as a member service.

Credit unions will receive a supply of inactive gift cards in their choice of designs. When a member wishes to purchase a card, the credit union activates the card by going to a secure Internet site and loading a dollar value onto the card. Inactive cards that are not activated within two years after placing an order will expire.

A minimum of $10 must be loaded on the card with a maximum value of $500. Once the value is loaded, the card is active and may be used within 24 hours. Gift cards can be used at virtually all Visa merchants, with the exception of ATM withdrawals, hotel reservations, or to purchase gasoline at the pump. Members may check the balance on the card either online or through a toll-free number.

The card is issued with the appropriate disclosures already provided.

The credit union’s corporate account will be settled the following business day for the amount of the card activated.

To participate in the program, a credit union must order a minimum of 25 gift cards.  The initial order includes free marketing materials to help credit unions promote the program.

There are no start-up costs or monthly fees associated with the program. Your Association Representative can provide you with current pricing information.


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