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Introducing CU Reports - A Cooperative Buying Program for Credit Reports

TransUnion, a leading global information solutions company, is now offering its industry-leading credit report at a discount price exclusively to all member credit unions.

CU Reports can significantly reduce a credit union’s cost for credit reports. Unlike traditional pricing based on volume from an individual credit union, the cost is determined by the total number of credit reports ordered by all participating credit unions.

Through tiered pricing, the cost of credit reports are expected to decrease over time. Credit unions will automatically enjoy reduced pricing for credit reports as the total CU Reports volume increases. The tiered pricing structure for the program will be monitored by TransUnion and the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association.

For those credit unions that are not currently using TransUnion for their credit reports, TransUnion has agreed to waive their membership fee, saving credit unions up to $300.

There are three requirements credit unions must fulfill to participate in the program. First, the credit union must be a member of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association. Second, the credit union must agree to use TransUnion as their primary provider of credit reports. Third, the credit union must agree to provide TransUnion with their account receivable tapes.

In the last few years, TransUnion has acquired many credit bureaus throughout Pennsylvania that had provided its products and services. As a result of these acquisitions, TransUnion is able to offer discounted pricing to credit unions on a statewide basis.

Member Benefits

  • Discount pricing that is currently just $1.50 per credit report
  • As the number of credit report orders increase, your price will automatically decrease
  • Professional TransUnion representatives from your local area will service your account
  • Additional TransUnion solutions for credit unions are also available at discounted pricing



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