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Providing point of sale financing to local retailers is a great way for financial institutions to tap into a new source of revenue and develop profitable loan relationships. Customers get financing when they need it. Merchants and service providers get higher customer conversions with the benefits of a local lender. And you reach new loan customers. Everyone wins!

How does it work?

With merchant lending services from CRIF Lending Solutions’ CRIF Select division, you can give retailers and service providers the ability to create, submit and close loans on site, through our convenient web-based portal. The merchant simply completes the loan application on behalf of the consumer and submits it to your credit union for approval. A member of your staff then selects the appropriate decision option in the online system and, with a simple click, submits it back to the merchant for closing. And with merchant lending services from CRIF Select, you can provide the merchant with electronic copies of the appropriate pre-filled loan and closing documents along with the decision status, making point of sale financing faster and more convenient for all parties involved.

What are the benefits?

CRIF Select's Merchant Lending services enable lenders to:
  • Offer point of sale consumer financing to customers purchasing anything from ATVs to appliances
  • Increase loan volume from a new market
  • Develop relationships with local merchants
  • Engage new customer relationships for cross-selling
  • Work with preferred merchants that are dedicated to supporting the product
  • Build a pipeline of unsecured and secured loans

What is included in the solution?

  • Easy-to-use merchant lending technology
  • Merchant lending training support
  • Market understanding and expertise from a trusted provider




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