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A comprehensive program of real estate lending solutions for credit unions.

DataQuick offers credit unions its industry-leading real estate lending services to member credit unions through a special cooperative buying arrangement with the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association. Supporting your residential loan business no longer requires working with multiple vendors and agencies.  DataQuick offers a single source for all your loan origination needs.  Whether you're looking for a full-service offering that handles everything from start to finish, or a single solution that meets a particular requirement, DataQuick can help with all of your residential loan business.  This program offers credit unions an end-to-end solution for their real estate lending needs, including:
  • Credit Reports
  • Flood Zone Compliance
  • Collateral Valuation
  • Property & Title Solutions
  • Closing Solutions
  • Post-Closing Solutions

Residential Credit Reports

For more than 30 years, DataQuick has provided lenders with the type of credit information they need to make fast, accurate decisions.  DataQuick's Merged Credit Report is the fastest, most accurate report available.  You can choose information from one, two or three repositories.  And, unlike other reports, TransUnion doesn't blend tradelines.  You can order and receive your report through many options - including fax, Internet, LOS links, Fannie Mae programs and Windows software.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive profile of your borrower, DataQuick's Residential Mortgage Credit Report (RMCR) will give you everything you need - even if you have to meet secondary market standards.  It contains all of the information featured in their Merged Credit Report along with the sorting options, multiple repositories, and other products necessary to support your lending process.

Flood Zone Compliance

Having flexible, easy access to a full spectrum of flood-related services is essential for making the best decision.  By using a hybrid of GIS and database technology, DataQuick can help you make those decisions.

Flood compliance solutions include:
  • Basic flood zone determination
  • Life of loan determination
  • HMDA-LAR geo-code
  • Property review and monitoring
No matter what solution you choose, you'll benefit from DataQuick's commitment to borrower satisfaction, including fast dispute resolution, assistance with insurance issues and a strict adherence to quality control procedures.

Real Estate Valuation

DataQuick real estate valuation features everything from full appraisals conducted by licensed appraisers to cost-effective, automated valuation models.  They'll work with you to design a customized solution that best matches your application process with the most appropriate valuation products.

Valuation services include:

Alternative Property Evaluations
  • Exterior inspection
  • Interior inspection
  • Broker price opinion
Appraisal Services
  • Drive-by appraisal report
  • Uniform residential appraisal report
  • Land-only appraisal report
Desktop Valuations
  • Collateral market value
  • Home value explorer (HVE)
  • Home price analyzer (HPA)
  • Characteristics and sales analysis (CASA)
  • Automated valuation report with photo
  • Property Analytical and statistical summation (PASS)

Property and Title Solutions

Get a complete picture of property and owner status with DataQuick's property and title solutions.  you'll have access to all of the information you need to approve residential loans nationwide.  And, with electronic formatting, fast delivery and easy-to-read layout, you'll be able to approve and close residential loans quickly and economically.

DataQuick's property and title solutions include:
  • Property search report
  • Legal and vesting report
  • Mortgage recording verification
  • Mortgage Release verification
  • Standard ALTA Title Insurance

Closing Solutions

DataQuick's loan closing solutions will ensure that your loans go through quickly and accurately.  Throughout the automated process, you'll be able to monitor each loan's progress through a Web-based tracking system.

DataQuick's closing solutions include:
  • Document preparation and delivery
  • Closing services
  • Loan funding services
  • Recording services

Post Closing Solutions

DataQuick helps lenders streamline their post-closing activities with industry-leading workflow technologies and outsourcing solutions - from document imaging and retrieval to assignment and release processing, portfolio due diligence and government insuring services.


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